The campaign meant to create a unified community of
boutique brands and enthusiasts as the travel landscape evolves.

The campaign will be supported by many stakeholders including influencers, authentic BLLA-approved boutique hotels and vendors, with products and services, supporting the industry. It is the association’s belief that boutique hotels will have the greatest opportunity as travelers begin to plan future trips again. They will want smaller vs. larger experiences and ones that have a crystal clear message about safety and security. There are no exceptions to this; boutique hotels and businesses like restaurants, must deliver on this.

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The Goals

Moving Forward

We are working with the #BoutiqueStrong Council to provide tools and resources to help the boutique hotels of the world keep their identity and independence amid the world of COVID-19.

Continuing the Advancement

We will continue our mission of championing the boutique spirit and acting as the voice for the world’s boutique hotels and businesses through cultural impact and innovation.

Creating Unity

We will carry on with creating authenticity and structure with the boutique sector of the Hospitality Industry along with gathering the genuine boutique hotels of the world.

Have questions?
Email the BLLA team at info@blla.org

#BoutiqueStrong Council

The BLLA task force by the Boutique Community, for the Boutique Community.

The Council

These qualified group of leaders have one goal which is supporting boutique hotels and businesses with resources and assistance in order to re-enter the market successfully from this crisis. They have all donated their time and expertise to help the global boutique movement.

The Guide

This first of its kind road map will act as the agent of progression for the global boutique community. Through interactive courses, boutique hotels and businesses will be able to gain exclusive insights in how to reopen as well as thrive for years to come. This guide will prepare our community to move forward.

Contact the BLLA Team at info@blla.org

Meet the Council

Frances Kiradjian

Founder & CEO
BLLA and StayBoutique

“I have always believed in entrepreneurial companies and independents who spend their lives creating something authentic and original.”

Jody Pennette

Founder & CEO
cb5 Hospitality Consultants

“The boutique hotel world is an ever-changing mirror of creative relevant lifestyle experience.”

Ariela Kiradjian

Partner & COO
BLLA and StayBoutique

“Why does a cherry represent boutique? Because it’s the daring way to do business in hospitality.”

Samantha Ahuja

Greenberg Traurig

“Boutique hotels represent and reflect the communities in which they reside. Their character, depth and uniqueness of each Boutique Hotel allow for a personalized and memorable experience.”

Kate Burda

Founder & Principal
Kate Burda & Co

“Why would I buy an imitation of the true boutique experience, vs. a large brand trying to build what they are inherently designed to do?” Let the people who do it best…do it best.”

Dee Patel

Managing Director
The Hermitage Hotel

“I believe that boutique hotels have a unique opportunity to deliver customized, local and original experiences that the big brands cannot.”

Damien Mahoney


“It’s the personal touch and intimate local knowledge that makes boutique hotels an important part of the fabric of hospitality and keep them on the cutting edge of travel trends.”

Carolyn Izzo-Feldman

Founder & President

 “Boutique is an ever-changing concept, marked by style, innovation, passion, authenticity, and craftsmanship.”

Geoff Davis

Davis Hotel Capital

“Independent and Boutique hotels are a critical component of the hospitality experience as they provide unique guest experiences that travelers are seeking.”

Lynn Curry

Co-Owner & President
Resources for Leisure Assets

“The boutique hotel industry provides a wonderful opportunity for creating special, unique, curative and  authentic guest experiences.”

Robert Fischel


“Great boutique hotel design is achieved by integrating the neighborhood culinary flavor, art, music, and people of the local community. The Power of Design evokes an emotional response and establishes a long-lasting bond between a brand and its guest.”

Christine Magrann


“Boutique is handmade, bespoke, intricately designed, and definitively intentional part of hospitality. The experience is meant to inspire curiosity, connectivity and joy.”

Caryl Helsel

Founder & CEO
Dragonfly Strategists

“I have realized that boutique delivers the experience all people are searching for – authentic, personalized, and comfortable.”

Daniel André Langer


“Brands need to redefine their brand strategies, their storytelling and their customer experience in a digital, ever accelerating world. The time to act is now.”

Roberta Matuson

Matuson Consulting

“I believe that life’s too short to live in a world where every product and service appears to be the same. I’m energized when I surround myself with people, products, and services that are unique.”

Doug Olson

C2C Designs

“It is all about an individualistic approach and a spirited vibe that embraces locally influenced and customized design and provides a platform for one of a kind destinations and experiences.”

Steve Slepcevic

Managing Partner
Strategic Response Partners

“I believe in boutique hotels and businesses because of the uniqueness as well as how personalized each one is.”